Board of Education

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Board members Valerie Klos, Margret German, Kathy Neiss, Megan Michel, Jim Barrett, Tom Oeffling and Corrie Eastland

Board Members

Johnsburg School District 12 is governed by the Board of Education, an elected body of community members that are charged with providing oversight and accountability of the District to the community.  Members are elected for four-year terms during the Spring municipal election cycle.  Those members who are appointed to fill vacancies due to resignation or vacancy of an office hold the office until the next election cycle.

Our current Board of Education membership includes:

Tom Oeffling
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Vice President
Valerie Klos
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Meghan Michel
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In accordance with P.A. 98-0930, all school board members can also be contacted by sending an e-mail to  Sending an electronic message to the previously stated e-mail address will result in the single message being distributed to all members of the Board of Education.

Role of a School Board Member
School board members are elected to represent the citizens of a school district.  School board members are responsible for:

  • The employment and evaluation of a superintendent;

  • Establishing policies and procedures;

  • Monitoring the progress of the District;

  • Adopting an annual budget for the District and approving all expenditures;

  • Employing school personnel upon the recommendation of the Superintendent.

Any adult resident is eligible to run for election to the Board of Education, providing he or she meet certain legal qualifications.  School board members serve without pay, and dedicate countless hours of service for the benefit of our community schools.

When to Contact Your School Board (excerpts from the Illinois Association of School Boards)
Some people wish to contact the Board of Education with their questions, suggestions and concerns.  Sometimes this works, particularly, if a district-wide policy is involved.  More often than not, the matter must be directed to the Superintendent, or another staff member for handling.  Remember than an individual board member has no authority other than voting on official actions at meetings.

The best point of contact when you have a concern is with the person(s) directly involved.  That would be a teacher where a student-related problem is involved, for example, or the principal where a school regulation of practice is of concern to you.  When a situation cannot be resolved at the lowest possible level, it should be taken to the next level in the "chain of command".

If you have a question, comment or concern related to district policy, or if you have already followed the "chain of command", you can contact the Board President using the current information in the Staff Directory.

Board of Education Compliance Reports:
Listing of Development and Training Completed by Board Members

Board Meetings Information

District 12 will continue to hold our regularly scheduled Committee of the Whole and Board of Education meetings open to the public to attend. Per our Board Policy 2:230, please address the Board as noted on the agenda, identify yourself and be brief, for any one person to address the Board during public participation shall be limited to five minutes.  As always, please conduct oneself with respect and civility to others.

For your convenience, please click here for the 2023-2024 Board of Education meeting schedule, please note that the dates and the locations of these meetings may change and the District activity calendar will list the correct location for each meeting. Additionally, please click here for the District Acronym Glossary.  

We encourage as a first step for all District parents/guardians to contact the specific teacher and/or staff member with their concerns, then the building principal, superintendent, and lastly the Board of Education. As a reminder, questions and concerns will be handled in a more timely manner when starting with the appropriate personnel.